High-quality and Delicacy Products

Truffles, Wine, Champagne

Fruit & Vegetables

Fresh fruit, Fresh vegetables, Salads, Stewed fruit, Canned vegetables

Meat and Other Processed Meat Products

Cured meat, Fresh meat, Sliced canned meat, spam, Wieners, Salami

Food Ingredients

Flour, Condiments, International cuisine, Soups, Vinegar, Pastry preparation, more...

FisH and Seafood

Fish delicacy, Tunafish, Sardines


Beer, Water, Wine, Hard alcoholic drinks, Juice, Carbonated beverages, more...

Cheese & Diary

Cheeses and spreads, Milk, Eggs, Butter and margarine, Probiotic products, Yoghurt, more...


Cappucino, Tea, Instant Chocolade beverages, Instant Coffee, Coffee, Coffee substitute, more...

Baking products

Toast, Bread, Crumbs, Yeast

Sweet & Snacks

Candy, Chocolate products, Snacks, Cookies and waffles, Croissants and biscuit pastries, Chewing gum, more...

Household items

Household foil, Paper products, Disposable containers for food and drink, Cleaning Supplies, Garbage bags, more...


Condoms, Men hygiene, Hair products, Facial skin care for women, Bath and body care, Dental care, more...
Ante Starčevića 14, Jesenice
Šoltanska 30, 21000 Split
Contact Person: Mirjana Jerončić
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